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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Sep 10 07:10:13 MDT 2003

Gould's Book Arcade wrote:
> (At this point, I want to ask a genuine question of Louis. You keep
> referring, with great venom, to someone called Doug Henwood, and you keep
> equating me with him.

Actually, you have nothing in common with him outside of your enthusiasm
for the Workers Communistic Party of Iraq. He is mainly a
post-Marxist/left-liberal/Lacanian while you are an ortho-Trotskyist
with unseemly adaptations to the Labor Party.

> In some respects, I'm just a hick stuck in a far flung
> place, and I only seriously started surfing the web less than a year ago. I'
> m genuinely not entirely clear about the history of your conflicts with this
> Henwood bloke, and I noticed this morning some reference to you having been
> removed from the Socialist Register site, and then somebody else on the
> Socialist Register site disputing that. Both on your site and the Socialist
> Register site, everybody seems to get worked up about someone called Leo
> Casey. I would genuinely like it if you would make some kind of clipped
> summary of these past conflicts and disputes, so that I can get some idea of
> how the intense hysteria that my Marxist views seem to generate, fit into
> the history of these past issues, about which I know very little.

Well, I was removed from the Socialist Register mailing list and
gosh-darned proud of it. I don't think that your views generate intense
hysteria, but if I were you I'd eschew using terms like "civilized
Marxists". Marx, after all, was a critic of civilization. See my review
of Thomas Patterson's "Inventing Western Civilization":

> You can't realistically demand that
> the imperialist occupier cede power to the Shiite militias in the Shiite
> areas (a mass demand raised by the Shiites, which I support) and try to
> build a "National Resistance" around the remnants of the Baathist state.

This is most tiresome. Nobody here advocates building a "National
Resistance" around the remnants of the Baathist state. The effort has
been directly mainly against characterizing guerrillas who believe for
some unfathomable reason that life was better under the Baathists than
it is now as Nazi werewolves. When and why did you come to realize that
this characterization was not only offensive, but anti-Marxist?


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