IV 353 Venezuela 1 Part 1

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 10 08:22:44 MDT 2003

> Venezuela:
> When two worlds collide
> Édouard Diago*
> its food needs are imported. The country's economic model is based on the
> export of its crude oil, and money has never been invested in the
> industrialization of the country. One can say that Venezuela is not,
> properly
> speaking, a capitalist country led by a national bourgeoisie. There is not
> properly so-called a working class dependent on an employing class. 50% of
> workers are employed in the informal sector, the biggest formal employer is
> the state and jobs in this sector follow the clientelist model of the former
> regime. Each minister or director of services employs their friends without
> dismissing others, and membership of political parties is organized around
> this clientelist basis. To give an example, the press and communications
> service of the Libertador ward in Caracas has 54 employees! The private
> enterprises that exist have been created thanks to initial support from the
> state and those who have become owners of these enterprises have never
> understood what the word tax means.

Venezuela is not a capitalist country led by a national bourgeoisie? 
This is what happens when you hard-wire the term capitalism to a mode of 
production that evolved in Western Europe. If it is not a capitalist 
country, then I don't know if there ever was one in Latin America.

It doesn't matter that the biggest employer is the state sector. This 
was also the case in Algeria and many other countries that adopted a 
"third way" developmentalist model. In Latin America, it was inspired 
largely by the Aprista movement in Peru. In the Middle East, it took the 
form of Baathism or Nasserism. In North Africa, it was typified by the 
ideas of Muammar Khadafy's Green Book.

I have no idea whether the FI comrade has been influenced by the 
Brennerites in his university, but this mode of production type of 
thinking has undermined Marxist analysis throughout the South.


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