Yet more on Windschuttle

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at
Wed Sep 10 18:54:17 MDT 2003

Well, obviously Windschuttle is a motherfucking moron, as his so-called
battlefield assessment shows. A two year-old could come up with a more
accurate assessment.

The Iraqis had "the most powerful weapons including poison gas"? Haha
yeah...cept the Brits had been using that in Iraq since 19 freakin' 20,
and the Iraqis never used poisoned anything. The Iraqi army was hardly
"defeated", it just ran away and collapsed internally, as it did again
in GWII. It was going up against not just the US but the whole world,
anyway. All those statistics WindBag gives is just paper, Iraqi hardware
has always consisted of outdated and deteriorating armor and been led.
How do you compare a $400bn/annual military with a 4bn/annual one?

I actually tend to think American military and political might, for all
its sheer power, is a pretty pathetic sight really. I find myself
agreeing more and more with Wallerstein though not on his terms, about
the weakness of US hegemony. Or as Victor Wallis explained to me the
other day, it shows the system's inability to provide what capitalist
propaganda says it provides.

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