(fwd from David Walters) Camejo & Bustamante and, public power

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Wed Sep 10 19:41:43 MDT 2003

David Walters wrote:

>>Despite Jose's remark [was that about being "ultra-left-sectarian"?] 
about opposing "nationalizations under the bourgeoisie" the ENTIRE 
organized left in SF supported this, from the GP, to the ISO to and 
even to non-Leftist types including sections of the Democrats.<<

I do not oppose any and all "nationalizations under the bourgeoisie."
Please see my post to Eli on this. A popular movement demanding
nationalization of some specific sector to take it away from some
especially notorious exploiters is an *excellent* reason for supporting
such a demand, especially in the framework of promoting the independent
political organization of working people. Demands for nationalization
should be reserved for THOSE kinds of situations, not raised in an
abstract way that feeds illusions about "public" capitalist control
being better than "private" capitalist control in general.

As for Peter's stance and tone vis a vis Bustamante, I do not believe
the simplistic way it is being presented here is very useful, and I
would certainly not base any opinions on some idiot reporter's claim
that Camejo virtually endorsed the Democrat when what is actually quoted
doesn't come within a country mile of that, especially having heard
Peter (and many others) give the same kind of rap as part of an
explanation on why working people need to organize independently. Among
other things, the vicious racism behind the constant barrage of
anti-Bustamante propaganda needs to be taken into account: adopting the
same tone against Bustamante as against Schwarzenegger would be a
humongous political error.


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