"Peace candidate" Dean offers VP spot to war criminal

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 10 21:47:31 MDT 2003

LPa wrote:

>I would HOPE that this will wake up the sections of the antiwar movement
>that are afflicted with Deanmania

Well, I wouldn't count on it. I've raised the "Wesley Clark - War Criminal"
banner in a couple different places recently, and let's just say it hasn't
been met with the friendliest of greetings. Between the depth of the desire
to get rid of Bush, the fondness for Clinton (absence makes the heart grow
fonder), and the lack of acknowledgement in the mainstream press (as well,
of course, in the official UN commission) than any war crimes were ever
committed in Yugoslavia (except, of course, by Milosovic), this is a very
tough banner to raise. Not that it SHOULDN'T be raised, or that I won't be
raising it again as I have already, just to say I think your hope is just

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