More on Iraq (VPN document)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Sep 10 22:50:26 MDT 2003

I agree with Lou Paulsen.

The VPN is basically an alliance between the churches and the trade union
bureaucracy, which quite naturally adopts a middle class liberal / social
democratic view.

This includes the "Mister Fix-it" mentality whereby the VPN thinks its job
is to come up with a nation-building plan for Iraq -- when it would do
better to focus on opposing the occupation. It also comes across in this

>>"The [Middle East] conflicts should be solved in a just and peaceful
manner, with the participation and support of all nations and peoples in
the region ... <<

Note the reference to "ALL nations". I.e., Israel is the same as everyone

Despite the above, I should add that the VPN was very effective in
mobilising a huge anti-war rally in February, and that is the most
important thing.

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