Victor Jara Stadium

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Sep 11 00:59:24 MDT 2003

The news of the renaming of Estadio Chile struck me hard emotionally.  I
am really glad it was done. I recall visiting the National Stadium by
myself one hot summer's day when most of Santiago had headed for the
coast where I lived.  The cab driver who drove me over told me that the
stories of torture and massacres in the stadium were all lies, the
propaganda of foreign communists.  For a brief moment I don't know why I
even went.  It was just a stadium, like Shea where I took my little boy
to watch the Mets.  But really, I had planned to go from the moment I
set foot in Chile.  I meant that pilgrimage as a personal gesture of
solidarity with our martyrs.  It made me stronger as a socialist.  Now
the renamed Victor Jara Stadium stands as a defiant monument in the face
of the fascists: JAMAS SERA VENCIDO!

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