Fwd: New Communist Party of Yugoslavia: Our relations with Yugoslavia's left

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Thu Sep 11 01:46:40 MDT 2003

>Below is an English translation of a letter I received from an NKPJ
>operative in Belgrade. The letter deals mainly with NKPJs attitudes to
>various Yugoslav and Serbian parties of the 'left'. It should give great
>assistance to those of us here who are trying to make sense of the
>revolutionary situation in the regions of former Yugoslavia. Enjoy.
>Andrej Nj.

>As concerns the NKPJ relations with the Socialist Party of Serbia, I can
>inform you that this party, after the unlawful kidnaping of S. Milosevic,
>turned considerably to the right. The careerist leadership of I. Dacic
>(President of the Central Committee), Z. Andjelkovic (General Sec.), D.
>Bajatovic (Deputy President), has basically done away with the policies of
>Milosevic leadership, which were adhered to before the pro-imperialist
>counter-revolutionary putsch of 5. Oct. 2000. SPS now openly propagates
>the entry of Serbia and Montenegro into the EU conglomerate, and the
>resistance it presents to the pro-imperialist DOS regime is merely
>symbolic. The SPS now finds itself on the parallel path of a classic
>Western bourgeois social-democratic horde. As a matter of fact, even since
>the year of 1990, the economic program of the SPS, especially on the
>question of property relations, has remained of bourgeois qualities.
>Until 5 October, SPS did have an anti-imperialist posture, but the arrest
>and kidnapping of Milosevic, and the rise of careerist tendencies in the
>SPS leadership has brought about an end to such politics. Current
>functionaries of the SPS have also come much closer to the Orthodox Church
>(which supports the DOS regime in its entirety), and frequently attack
>communist ideologies so as to further distance themselves with the
>past.  At the same time, the SPS is becoming more and more a classic
>nationalist party, and less and less a socialist one which cares for the
>rights of the working class.
>SPS now tries with every opportunity and effort to distance themselves
>from communist principles and the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, and
>for this reason no official party relations exist.
>As concerns the struggle against the Hague tribunal, NKPJ collaborates
>with the 'Sloboda' collective by organizing unified demonstrations.
>SLOBODA is mainly made up of orthodox Milosevic faithfuls and having
>retained its anti-imperialist principles, the nationalist orientation of
>some of its members is not of primary significance. Their stance toward
>the problem of the property question, however, is not dissimilar to that
>of the current SPS, making any possibility of united action on
>uncompromising struggle against privatization and capitalism utterly out
>of the question.
>The Yugoslavian Left (JUL), following the tragedy of 5 Oct., has virtually
>been left destroyed. But then, as now, this has been, and remained, merely
>a party of social-democratic orientation with anti-imperialist policies.
>Before 5 October, a great number of national bourgeoisies, under purely
>careerist intentions, basically left the party for well-known reasons.
>Today, JUL hardly exists, and acts merely within the frame of 'Sloboda'.
>No attempts have been made to establish official contact with the NKPJ, as
>they see us almost nothing more but party rivals.
>All in all, as we are dealing here with a social-democratic formation,
>contacts can only be established on the basis and mainframe of
>anti-imperialist struggle. However, to this day, JUL, which no longer even
>constitutes a real political force in Yugoslavia, remains unconcerned with
>any such prospects of collaboration and unified strength.
>With Partija Rada (PR) we have absolutely no contacts, especially so as
>they deal and procrastinate unbelievable lies about our party - declaring
>us national-chauvinists and Chetniks for the reasons of our
>anti-imperialist stance. Of course, this propaganda is nothing but
>mentally retarded crazy talk on their behalf.
>On their part, PR has developed gross pro-imperialist attitudes that are
>absolutely unallowable for any Marxist-Leninist party. They have lent, and
>continue to support NATO occupation in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo,
>and have given backings to the KLA under the claim of it being a
>"liberation army" (utterly ignoring the fact that they were, and remained
>agents of US imperialism).
>Furthermore, PR represents a sectarian formation that lacks any concrete
>tactic and strategy, so that they desire no collaboration with the NKPJ,
>even on the question of struggle against the growing rise of Belgrade
>skinheads. They are endowed with pathologic hatred for the NKPJ, and
>consequently give greater preference to collaboration with Yugoslav
>Troskyites and anarchists. Such an alliance with us would definitely mean
>a betrayal of religion. At best, Partija Rada can only be seen as a
>Marxist-Leninist party in form, where as in practice they are bound to
>strong anti-Communist elements.
>Red greetings,

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