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Gould's Book Arcade wrote:

Both on your site and the Socialist Register site,
everybody seems to get worked up about someone called
Leo Casey. I would genuinely like it if you would make
some kind of clipped summary of these past conflicts
and disputes, so that I can get some idea of how the
intense hysteria that my Marxist views seem to
generate, fit into the history of these past issues,
about which I know very little.

    This will probably be more than you want to know.
    Leo Casey first became prominent in the New
American Movement (NAM) after 1970.  NAM had about 900
very active members.  NAM grew out of that section of
Students for a Democratic Society(SDS) that did not
want to become Maoist or Weather People.
It was also joined by about 150 people who left the
CP-USA (Mostly Dorothy Healey's frinds.  Some people
described NAM as Left Social Democratic.  Others said
it was the closest that ever came to a EuroCommunist
grouping in America.  Barbara Ehrenright (spelling?)
was a typical NAM member.
    When the proposal to merge with the Democratic
Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC) was made, Casey
was one of its strongest supporters.  After the
merger, Casey went to work in the national office.
The merged name was Democratic Socialists of
America(DSA).  DSA is an American  affiliate of the
Socialist International,  along with the British Labor
Party, German Social Democrats, etc.
    DSA is the only socialist organization in America
whose membership runs in the thousands of dues paying
members, but most are otherwise inactive.  It includes
movie stars, prominent politicians who also belontg to
the Democratic Party and a few top leaders of some of
the American labor unions.
     In recent years, Leo Casey has been working in an
office of the American Federation of Teachers(AFT).
AFT is probably the most conservative labor union in
America.  It is controlled by right wing officials who
come out of the Schactmanite Trotskyist tradition.
Leo Casey has set himself up as one of the leaders of
the group trying to exclude the Workers' World Party
from the Peace Movement.

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