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WSJ 9/8:  US manufacturing capacity  mid1995-2000 grew by one third, largest
increase in 50 years.

However, since 2001, paper, textile, metals industries have closed so many
plants, capacity is back to 1995 levels.

1999-2003, Transatlantic fiber capacity increased by a factor 14.  No new
cables are planned for the forseeable future.

Airlines have ground 2000 aircraft.

US office vacancy rates for 2Q 2003 at 17.6% (record is 18% in 1991

Ford will reduce North American production capacity by 15%.

And there:

Financial Times 9/10.  After worst downturn in 20 years, chemical industry
has reduced capacity to the 1993 level.

China's petrochemical consumption between 1998-2003 increased 40%.
Petrochemical estimating [hoping] for a further 60% growth by 2006.

WSJ 9/10-- In first half 2003, global offic vacancy rates increase worldwide
and rents fall.  In Africa, Europe and Middle East vacancy rate up 1.1%,
rents down 4%.

Asia Pacific, slight decline to 15.4%. but rents down 5.4%.

HongKong rate at 16.1%,  rents down 12.4%

Latin America at 17% vacancy, rents down 5.4%


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