"We must kill Arafat," declares Jerusalem Post editorial

Martin Spellman martinwriter at btopenworld.com
Fri Sep 12 04:32:59 MDT 2003

	But it isn't the first. The BBC, with whom the Israeli Government has cut
links apparently, in reporting Palestinian matters usually ends any piece on
events in Palestine/Israel with some raving Zionist, Israeli government
official spouting on. Not a word from any Palestinian: it is as if they were
dumb or didn't exist.

	They even described Israeli helicopter gunship attacks on civilian towns as
Israel 'seeking new targets'. The coverage is so twisted and outrageous to
be beyond belief at times.

	As for the reaction in the Arab world read Mohammed Heikal's books. He is a
great journalist and was editor of Al Akram (sp?) in Nasser's Egypt. No
Marxist but his depth of understanding is rare.

	The demonisation of Arafat is bizarre as if 1) he is the centre and
inspirer of terrorism in the Middle East and 2) that his death (he's old and
frail anyway and it can't be far off) would change a thing.

	No mention of course that Hamas was set up by the Israelis in the first

Martin Spellman

> This is truly an astonishing piece.The open and brazen contemplation of
> state terror. It is almost beyond comprehension how the Zionists can get
> away with this.  The answer for me lies in the nature of the Regimes in
> Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Hopefully the disgust
> from the Arab
> Street will sweep them away soon.

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