Yeomanry in the New World

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Fri Sep 12 07:05:07 MDT 2003

No doubt about the importance of a tariff, and no doubt about the South's
antipathy to the tariff, -- nullification and secession of South Carolina,
represented by perhaps the most loathsome creature to ever occupy the
Senate-- no, not Strom Thurmond, John C. Calhoun.   This crisis of the
"union" was the dress rehearsal for Civil War, and while some might have
doubts about the revolutionary threat to slavery posed by industrializaton
and the industrial bourgeoisie, this slaveholder's tribune had not a doubt
in the world.

One more point, or perhaps two:  The importance of slavery to the
development of transAtlantic capitalism-- England, France, and the US, is a

Also a fact, and something we should keep in mind, is that the real content
behind the physiocrat's Eden, behind Jefferson's physiocrat republic, his
agrarian democracy, is slavery.

Jefferson's notion is projected delusional nostalgia, longing to restore a
past that never was-- democracy by the parcel, equality by the acre.


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