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>Subject: Re: IV353 Venezuela 1 Part2 (Reformated)
>While the PT reference is just plain stupid (why is a
>Party that implements anti-working class policies when
>it gets into power worthy of the name 'a party of the
>working class'?) the need to create some sort of
>centralisation of the vanguard forces that have
>emerged and continue to emerge is a critical step, as
>recognised by the central leadership of the
>revolutionary proccess - the 'revolutionary command',
>whose key theoretical spokesperson wrote ana rticle
>earlier this year entitled 'Now all we need is a

For sucha step to be taken, it is utterly crucial-- beyond all else-- that 
such a step be intiated, formed and led by the masses (both in and out of 
the Bolivarian Circles) themselves, or else the revolutions' nearly 
indefatiguable support among the people and inpenetrable strength in this 
will be in the balance.

It is all well and good for us, correctly, to speak of a party or 
centralized mechanism to defend the gains in the revolution, but such a 
step can begin the alienation process as well, which more than since 1917 
would be death for any revolutionary process. Chávez, like Fidel before, 
has correctly estimated that the battlefield is truly a battlefield of 
ideas-- that must be held up and preserved first, or the people who have 
defended this revolution (already in some cases with their lives) will not 
show up when imperialism comes knocking.

This a national democratic revolution against imperialism and for social 
justice first, it will use socialism to get there, but socialism is not 
their goal. It will only be a tool, because it is an utterly indispensible 


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