Cuban psychiatric repression of dissidents

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Sep 12 16:01:13 MDT 2003

When I was at Brooklyn College Sam Farber was an active stalwart in the
Peace Coalition against the first Gulf War.  I could not understand his
antagonistic position on Cuba, however, despite his best efforts at

That Peace Coalition was an example in kind.  Members included Sam,
Norman Finkelstein, a few Trotskyists of various stripes, several other
Marxists from a broad range, an outspoken member of the PLP, a Christian
progressive/radical democrat anti-Marxist and his friend, etc.  I don't
mention names other than Sam's, because he is the topic, and Norman's
because I agree his rebuttal against Chris Hitchens was, as Lou noted,
"brilliant!"  --and the group also included a leftish Zionist, as well,
but that's Brooklyn for you. We pick our allies dependent on the
circumstances of the current objective.

As for "psychiatric repression," capitalism may be the worst offender as
it irrationally drives so many over the edge...

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