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Sat Sep 13 07:00:40 MDT 2003

Re the alliance between the slavocracy and the
northwestern farmers.

Unfortunately the recent discussion about this topic
makes me doubt the sincerety and objecticity of DMS,
and maybe of Mark Lause. But, nevertheless ...
I do not have access to English language libraries,
except online. I have about 30 minutes per day to
devote to this discussion. So if you want citations,
look them up. I will suggest some places for you to
look. I used to spend hours every day pouring through
his stuff in the Bancroft library at UC Berkely. that
was thrity years ago, but my memory is good.

Check the election returns for state assemblies in the
Northwest. They are a matter of record. You - DMS -
can access them. The Jacksonians were the majority in
all western legislatures until 1856. The whigs were a
minority - always.

This discusssion is way past midnight. Study for a few
years, and I will talk to you again DMS.

All the best, Anthony

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