We must kill Arafat, we must kill, period.

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at virgin.net
Sat Sep 13 07:50:08 MDT 2003

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The staggering arrogance of the Jerusalem Post is mind-boggling -- as is
its disingenuousness. Do the JP and similar extreme Zionists really
expect anyone to see Arafat -- a broken reed, a powerless symbol, a
relic from the past, who was only elected because he is an echo of his
past reputation -- as someone who can influence Hamas and other
Islamicists or keep them in check. He is in an impossible position: if
he attempts to curb Hamas, he will be seen by many Palestinians as a
quisling; if he does nothing but complain about them, he'll be branded
by Sharon & Co as an accomplice.

The false portrayal of Arafat as an accomplice of Hamas has, I think, a
sinister rationale. The JP editorial implies that if Arafat is bumped
off, then Hamas & Co will decline or even die away, and that there will
be little response. No, his assassination will lead to massive unrest,
big demonstrations, mass resistance and (unfortunately) more suicide
attacks. The last will give Sharon and his fans in the JP editorial
office the excuse to go in even harder against the Palestinians, mass
repression, ghettoisation, perhaps even expulsion. The JP won't say --
at the moment, that is -- that Sharon wants to increase the pressure,
and that he welcomes suicide bombings, as they play into his plan to
present the Palestinians as a 'terrorist people' and therefore liable to
and deserving of all manner of repression. A few months down the line,
if the assassination option goes to plan, the JP will be calling for
full ghettoisation and expulsion of the Palestinians.

Paul F

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