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what interested me more was Engel's conclusion that the human race
would go extinct along with all other life on earth with the burning out
of the sun.  I don't think there are too many people today who would
still hold hard and fast to this conclusion.


I am one of the dinosaurs. If I understand what is stated, the above
can be reformulated to say, "with the burning out of the sun, the
human race would go extinct along with all other life on earth."

At any rate, life as we currently define it on earth would most
certainly end as we know it with the burning out of the sun. Then
again, knowledge moves on a curve from the absurd to the less
absurd. This same question comes up from time to time on the question
of petroleum - oil, its inherently finite nature and the law of
thermodynamics. Oil is finite by definition or rather petroleum on
earth is finite.

What if our understanding of matter conversion is due to undergo
revolutionization and we have posed the question wrong? What if it is
not a question of trying to create more energy than is expended in a
process or the "fall off of"energy in a dynamic process' - entropy,
but rather a question of the mechanics of the continuous recycling of
energy without falloff? Perpetual motion machine? Not really but
rather continuous recycling after the initial catalyst. This means one
is no longer continuously shoving coal into an oven.

What if energy "fall off" is actually a technical question of material
alloys and the theory component deals with the science of
construction? Is this not the basis of "space drive?" At least in
theory, when long distances are considered.

I got this from a program on UFO's. What the hell I
know. Nevertheless, Engels proposition is not really a proposition but
an example of transition and development. He poses the conclusion in
the form of an answer to a question that can only be theorized. Does
this not involve billions of years? In other world I agree that oil is
finite by definition. Have we reached the nodal point where depletion
of oil begins to operate as a law of society evolution?

Melvin P.

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