Internationalizing the Palestinian Struggle?

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>Subject: An International Brigade For Palestine ?
>Naive, romantic - useless ?
>Would not the threat of the expulsion of Arafat be the opportunity for a
>turning point in the Palestinian struggle and would not
>"internationalising" it in a socialist sense be something we should strive for?

Why this is being described and discussed in the abstract is beyond me. The
International Solidarity Movement has been doing this for a couple of years
now. The ISM had volunteers "invade" the Church of the Nativity, are
current doing actions against the Apartheid Wall, are doing "Freedom Ride"
actions, have helped children get to school and forced ambulances through
roadblocks, and provided a chance to turn the white supremacy and
Eurocentrism of the Occupation on it's head by putting white bodies between
IOF operations (such as bulldozers) and Palestinian targets.

Though the dead from Palestine are never named (unless members of Hamas),
Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall and Brian Avery have indeed made
internationalist contributions that speak more about socialism than all the
block quotes in the world.

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