"In my heart, deep inside, we are with them against the occupation"

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Sun Sep 14 12:27:12 MDT 2003

Iraq's Security Weakened by Fear
U.S.-Trained Police Are Accused of Being Collaborators and Spies
By Anthony Shadid
Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, September 14, 2003; Page A01

KHALDIYA, Iraq, Sept. 13 -- The convoy of U.S. military engineers had
just entered this rough-and-tumble town when disaster struck. They had
a flat tire, stopping the convoy along a ribbon of desert asphalt some
Iraqis have nicknamed "the highway of death."

Soon after, masked guerrillas fired two rocket-propelled
grenades. Machine guns crackled across the late afternoon sky. When it
ended an hour later, witnesses said, homes were gouged with large
holes, two U.S. vehicles were burning, and the soldiers had beat a

On the sidelines throughout the clash Thursday were Khaldiya's police,
who are supposed to be the allies of the U.S.-led occupation in
restoring order to Iraq. Not only was it not their fight, several said
this week, but the guerrillas fighting U.S. soldiers had their

"In my heart, deep inside, we are with them against the occupation,"
said Lt. Ahmed Khalaf Hamed, an officer with the 100-man force
trained, equipped and financed by U.S. authorities. "This is my
country, and I encourage them."


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