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At 10:59 AM 9/14/2003, you wrote:
>Are they wearing red berets and red neckerchiefs? Are they discussing
>the conflict from a socialist point of view? Were they sponsored and
>sent by the= Trade Unions or Socialist organisation?

Is this parody?
Writing pamphlets and denouncing traitors means nothing.

The day the Trade Unions send revolutionary-minded people abroad to tackle
the worst excesses of imperialism and/or Zionism is going to be the day
after the Trade Union Bureaucracy in North America has been swept away.
"Socialist Organizations" on this continent are mostly small and isolated.
People committed to making sacrifices to help end apartheid and the
occupation in Palestine will do far more than wearing colours will.

Being a revolutionary has nothing to do with dressing up like a costume
party, it has everything to do with hard work and sacrifice.

>The so-called anti-globalists understand these matters better than we
>do. The red beret, flag and neckerchief are our "logos". They have to
>be marketed, so that we can sell the idea behind them.
No Logo. Reality.


Macdonald Stainsby.
In the contradiction lies the hope. -Brecht.

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