What do Marxist's think about the future

Brian James bajames at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 14 09:50:43 MDT 2003

> To put my point in the briefest and starkest terms, I would say that
> Engel's pronouncment is nothing more than an updated version of the four
> horsemen of the apocalypse. -Doug

I just happened to read the following lines by Marxist biologist Richard Lewontin:

"Of all species that have ever existed, 99.99 percent are extinct, and
all species that currently exist will one day be extinct. Indeed all
life on earth will one day be extinct, if for no other reason than that
the sun will eventually expand and burn up the earth, about two billion
years from now. As life originated more than two billion years ago, we
can say with confidence that life on earth is half over....". (The
Triple Helix, p.68)

I don't know how accurate this is, but if the sun eventually goes
supernova on our asses I don't imagine there's much humans would be able
to do to survive it, short of colonising other solar systems.


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