I am inclined to cut Mel Gibson some slack

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Sun Sep 14 19:57:57 MDT 2003

At 05:07 PM 9/14/2002, David Quarter wrote:
 >My apologies. Whether or not his source is dodgy (whoever
 >it may be ) does not automatically make Gibson an anti
 >semite in my books. If that's not what you're implying,
 >my apologies again

I don't know if Gibson is an anti-Semite or not.  I do think that some of
the criticism of Gibson and this film are reasonable based on what's known
about it to date, and Gibson's own, often incredibly stupid, public
statements have done little to dissuade his critics.

When the film is released, I plan on seeing it in order to form my own opinion.

 >(btw, below you claim source*s*, before you say sourc*e*,
 >so I'm just assuming you meant the formert)

I rechecked one of the articles I saved about the film and found a second
source Gibson named for his script.

 >Also, Is this person/nun still alive, or was she from another

I believe one was from the 1600s and the other was from the 1800s.  I still
think both sources are dodgy.

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