Michael Moore: "Tell Wesley Clark to run!"

Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 00:43:37 MDT 2003

> I wonder: into what tax bracket does Michael Moore
> fall?

This is some petty shit. First of all, Michael Moore
has declared that he is donating any money he receives
from his tax breaks to activist groups. I also
remember when he came to UCLA on his book tour for
Stupid White Men (SWM). He donated all the proceeds
from the sales to different groups.

And anyhow, who gives a shit if Moore is getting rich
off of what he does? He has accomplished something
that the left has been unable to do: reach MILLIONS of
people with radical ideas. More people bought SWM than
any other non-fiction book last year. More people saw
Bowling for Columbine than any other documentary ever.
Moore's website gets over a million hits a day.
Everywhere he speaks he is thronged by thousands of
supporters, normal people with a hunger for some

But maybe they are all just foolishly buying into his
plan to accumulate capital. Moore is really no
different than the ruling class he relentlessly
assualts. He has duped us all.

Why don't you step out of the world of the personal
intrigues of celebraties and look at what Moore is
accomplishing in the context of the development of the
political consciousness of a significant layer of
American people. In the past few years he has
accomplished more for the class struggle in America
than the entire left combined.

> I've read "Stupid White Men" and it was more of a
> rant than anything else.

You're right. He should have been a good Bolshevik who
crudely mimiced Lenin and wrote a political treatise
condemning petty-bourgeois reformism. Maybe THEN he
would have reached the american people on their

Why don't you listen to the interviews on the Bowling
for Columbine DVD. Moore specifically says that his
work is not intended to preach to the converted but
rather to get ordinairy people thinking, discussing,
active, and less alienated from political life. Do you
get this?

> Is anyone else ashamed to identify
> ideologically with him?

What the fuck does this mean? It is a mistake to be in
the "anybody but Bush" camp, but can you blame people?
No other concrete alternatives exist. Maybe this could
be different if the Left had learned how to connect
with ordinairy people and articlulate their political
sentiment at their current level, like Moore is now
successfully doing. Instead we've perfected the art of

Ahhhhh, if wasn't for those damn "objective

Rant on Michael!!! We have a lot to learn from you...

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