"Negotiators Gone Wild" video released at close of Cancun Conference

DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 08:48:14 MDT 2003

WTO talks collapsed yesterday after African and Asian countries rejected EU, Japan,
US demands regarding investment, government procurement, contract awards
(the "Singapore Issues").   The US attempted to link agreement on the Singapore
Issues to discussions on reducing agricultural subsidies  but the developing countries
were not willing to accept the linkage.  In addition, Japan is unwilling to negotiate
its subsidy to domestic rice producers.

The rupture in the trade negotiations appears along "north/south" fault lines, but the
precipitating element is the overcapacity in manufacturing with the resulting
overproduction in manufactured goods leading to declines in profitability.  Manufactured
exports from developing to advanced countries grew twice as fast as exports of
raw and agricultural commodities during the 1990s.

After the failure of the talks certain delegates were videotaped removing ties, unlacing
their shoes, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol while trying to keep time to
the house music.


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