Michael Moore: "Tell Wesley Clark to run!"

Benjamin Gramlich bgramlich at runbox.com
Mon Sep 15 10:19:33 MDT 2003

> In the past few years he has
> accomplished more for the class struggle in America
> than the entire left combined.
Has he really? From what I've seen and read, many people are turned off
by Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" because of his strong bending of
facts. It broke box office records for a documentary, but it is
incredibly entertaining. The fact that it did well doesn't necessarily
point to its effectiveness.  Others were repulsed by the display he put
on at Academy Awards. He is the loudest member of the American Left and
he seems (in my limited experience) to be turning more people off than

> You're right. He should have been a good Bolshevik who
> crudely mimiced Lenin and wrote a political treatise
> condemning petty-bourgeois reformism. Maybe THEN he
> would have reached the american people on their
> level...
I agree that a political treatise would not have reached the American
people at their level. BUT I do believe that it is important to publish
documents that stand up under critique.


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