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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Sep 15 14:33:46 MDT 2003

The other day I wrote that I thought it would be hard to get "traction" with
other progressives on the Wesley Clark war criminal front. However today I
caught the briefest snippet of an interview on KQED (PBS radio) in between
stops in my car which were very interesting; I wish I had caught the whole
thing and hopefully I'll be able to find a transcript somewhere. Anyway,
everyone knows Clark was an "opponent" of the war against Iraq. But when
questioned today, he was saying things like "the administration made the
best case they could [for the war]", refused to brand anything they had said
as "lies," and left the clear impression in the brief bit I heard that this
was kind of like the Republicans saying "let's overthrow Castro by invading"
and the Democrats saying "no, let's overthrow Castro with an economic
blockade." There wasn't the slightest questioning on his part of the RIGHT
of the U.S. to invade Iraq and overthrow its government had their been
better evidence for the case to do so.

Clark MAY qualify as a liberal, I really haven't heard enough to know. But
he CERTAINLY doesn't come CLOSE to qualifying as a progressive, and I
suspect there is plenty of material such as what I mention above to use in
educating progressives about what it means to support a Democrat. Will he
renounce the possibility of war against Iran or North Korea? I doubt it.
Will he call for the U.S. to get out of Iraq immediately (as only Kucinich
among the Democratic candidates does)? I doubt that too.

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