Michael Moore: "Tell Wesley Clark to run!"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 15 15:29:14 MDT 2003

I have been teaching documentary film this semester and have featured
Moore's Roger and Me, The Big One and Bowling for Columbine.  I also spoke
at the premier screening of BfC in Brisbane.  Moore's films are extremely
popular with my students.  The state library informed me that his films are
watched a lot by the general public, most of whom are young.

So he has a mass audience.

I say three cheers for all that.  He opens a space for me to discuss the
political role of contemporary documentary in a way that no other film
maker does.

Yes Moore has the gift of talking to working class people, not just my
students. Many Marxist revolutionaries find that unforgivable.

The truth is that the Left is chock full of begrudgers and  "Nigel Nomates"
and "zero charismas" terrified of the very thought of popularity.



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