Michael Moore: "Tell Wesley Clark to run!"

Nick Fredman sra at alsvid.scu.edu.au
Mon Sep 15 18:50:18 MDT 2003

Micahel Moore has recently played a significant, if perhaps
involuntary, role in building the Socialist Alliance in Australia
over the last few months. Screenings of the not -readily available
Roger and Me (from 1988) and The Big One (1997) have drawn large
crowds for many branches, and helped at least one new branch form ,
in the decidedly non-inner-city-left-ghetto area of the Central
Coast, NSW. In our area (northern NSW) we're generally happy with 30
people at a public event, but have had screenings of well over 100
people at each Moore film in the main town of Lismore, and sizeable
screenings in other centres. Of course most people come primarily for
Moore's humour, and politics, and aren't instant recruits for
socialism, but it's a good introduction for many. We don't have to
"tail" his politics either, intros saying "Moore makes this and that
great points about union struggles and breaking from the two
capitalist parties, however he seems a bit protectionist and
nationalist at this point, we'd also raise the need for solidarity
with third world workers etc etc" has gone down well. Some people
like the savage humour of Roger and Me more (some hippies in our
audiences don't like the rabbit killing and skinning though), I
prefer the optimistic tone and successful struggles portrayed in The
Big One.

As for his undoubted wealth, this was one of the dumber criticisms
raised by some of the snivelling right-wing media commentators here
after Columbine achieved mass popularity (if I remember Gerard
Henderson, Imre Salusinsky and maybe Padriac MacGuinness). These
creeps had been highly educated at public expense, then coddled by
academia, media corporations and/or rightist think-tanks (and of
course are always attacking the "elites"), and have no personal
following at all that I can see, and are attacking a working  class,
non-college educated guy who has become successful through his own
efforts and the popularity of his ideas.

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