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>But anyway regarding coffee-- Marx's analysis of capital and wage labor has
>certainly been employed, deployed in the analysis and comprehension of
>plantation and hacienda production, including coffee production.  I would
>refer you first to an examination of coffee prices in the spot markets over
>the past 2 years and then suggest you review the new coffee producers that
>have come on line in Africa and Asia (Vietnam in particular).  You will see
>tremendous overproduction, with planter-owners falling deeper into debt,
>failing, wages being driven below subsistence levels, some consolidation of
>holdings, and Brazil's large scale capital inputs into production.

What does overproduction have to do with my point? You can overproduce with
slaves as well. When slaveowners in Egypt or Mississippi flooded the market
with cotton in the 1800s, there was overproduction. So what? The question
under debate is whether this was capitalist production or not. Capitalist
production is essentially anarchic, whether or not it is highly mechanized
and "Fordist" or carried out with pick and shovel.

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