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Vive le Canada is a relatively new e-zine which should be of interest to
leftists interested in Canadian political developments and opinion.

Raymond Chase

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Subject: Left nationalism debate rages on

Dear Vive le Canada member,

A promised, Paul Kellogg has now posted a rebuttal to "Paul Kellogg's
Cornflakes", the column by Robin Mathews which took on Kellogg's speech
"After Left Nationalism".  The rebuttal is complete with four charts from
Kellogg's recent research.  It's called "Why the left needs to abandon
Canadian nationalism."  See:

In an unexpected but welcome development, Mel Hurtig has already contributed
his thoughts on the Kellogg rebuttal.  You can read Mel's own response to
Kellogg at: http://www.vivelecanada.ca/article.php?story=20030915110923259

And feel free to post your own comments on this interesting debate!

Thanks as always for your support.

Vive le Canada! This country is not for sale.

- Susan Thompson
Site editor/founder

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