remember the guy? gets a year in the slammer

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at
Mon Sep 15 22:27:27 MDT 2003

Sherman Austin, webmaster of, was sentenced today,
August 4, 2003, to one year in federal prison, with three years of
probation. Judge Wilson shocked the courtroom when he went against the
recommendation of not only the prosecution, but the FBI and the Justice
Department, who had asked that Austin be sentenced to 4 months in
prison, and 4 months in a half-way house, with 3 years of probation.

Austin's probation stipulates, among other things, that (1) he cannot
possess or access a computer of any kind without prior approval of his
probation officer, (2) if his probation officer gives permission, the
equipment is subject to monitoring and is subject to search and seizure
at any time, without notice, (3) he cannot alter any of the software or
hardware on any computer he uses, (4) he must surrender his phone, DSL,
electric, and satellite bills, (5) he cannot associate with any person
or group that seeks to change the government in any way (be that
environmental, social justice, political, economic, etc.), and (6) he
must pay over $2,000 in fines and restitution. Austin must surrender
himself to the Federal Bureau of Prisons by September 3, 2003.

For questions or information about Sherman contact RTF at
or ShermanAustin411 on AOLIM

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