Marx, Lenin, and Mao in Cancu

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Tue Sep 16 03:04:37 MDT 2003

L Brent Bozell III, who seems to be the guru of CNS.-- Cybercast News
Service, which ran the story on Marx, Lenin, and Mao at Cancun --  is the
son or grandson of the L. Brent Bozell who was a cofounder in the late 1950s
with 'William Buckley of the right-wing Republican journal National Review.

The basic outlook of CNS (Cybercast News Service) seems to still be that of
NR, which today is a mainstream Republican magazine.  The magazine set out
to rebuild the Republican far right after the defeat and wreckage of the
McCarthy movement.

In addition to using Marx, Lenin, and Mao to redbait opponents of
imperialist free trade, note that the article also denounces Patrick
Buchanan who broke with the current Republican Party to the riight and whose
forces apparently still show up at anti-"gloibalization" events as they have
been doing since Seattle.

The attendance of Buchananites at  anti-"globalization" efforts is often
used to portray such protests as at least partly an expression of
know-nothing US  nationalism or even as incipiently ultrarightist not only
by mainstream right-wing free traders like Bozell and CNS, but by some
leftists.  I remember using this argument myself once or twice in reaching
for a stick to beat the anti-globalizers with.

But of course the main characteristic of the protests is their growing
solidarity with the struggles in the oppressed nations against debt slavery,
imperialist trade tyranny, and other expressions of imperialist domination.

The CNS supports the Bush administration and other mainstream right-wing
projects, and argues for so-called "free trade" as the way to end poverty in
the semicolonial countries.

Fred Feldman

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