U.S., Brits Block WMD Report?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
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This is what's become of the CBS News version:


It has been significantly rewritten at least twice from what was posted
here. The current version has a "hard top" with Powell's visit and then
picks up the older story:

* * *

Powell's visit comes amid continuing doubts over the validity of the
case for war, and the way intelligence was used to justify it. 

The administration has reported finding no illegal weapons so far. The
CIA says two trailers discovered in northern Iraq may have been
biological weapons factories, but State Department analysts disagree.
The White House has withdrawn the claim that Iraq sought uranium in

An interim report on the search for Iraqi weapons is due soon, but there
are indications the reports findings might be inconclusive. 

In July, David Kay, the survey group's leader, suggested that he had
seen enough evidence to convince himself that Saddam Hussein had had a
program to produce weapons of mass destruction. He expected to find
"strong" evidence of missile delivery systems and "probably" evidence of
biological weapons. 

But last week, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he had met with
Kay, and that the onetime weapons inspector had not informed him of any

The Times of London reported this weekend that the report had been
postponed because of lack of evidence. But CBS News has learned there is
no delay.

* * *

There is no further explanation or amplification or sourcing for "there
is no delay." The formulation "has learned" is used when information is
given by a source NFA (not for attribution). Its use here is just part
of what I call the U.S. news media's Pravda syndrome. The source is
almost without doubt Rummy or the press person at the Pentagon, and
everyone in these circles knows it.

The Ministry of Truth strikes again. Your tax dollars at work. 


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