U.S., Brits Block WMD Report?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 16 09:24:35 MDT 2003

Les Schaffer wrote:

>it [rewriting stories] happens so often now, i suspect a reason rather than

Here are two interesting observations on that subject I've run in Left I on
the News (scroll to the headline and date if the "permalink" doesn't work,
which often it doesn't seem to):

"Is there a method in the (media) madness?" (Aug. 4)

"Links, Ties, and Media Lies" (Aug. 9)

Both of these articles demonstrate that the decisions made in the editing
and rewriting process of these stories is undoubtedly deliberate. No doubt
it often reflects some sort of internal struggle going on in the newspapers,
with some elements (the original reporter?) striving for more "truth" and
other elements (an editor?) making things hew more closely to the "party
line." The reasons are obviously speculative without having "inside
testimony." But, as I note in both those entries, what is beyond question is
that these decisons are made quite deliberately.

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