The culmination of the deadly logic of the "War against Terror"

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Tue Sep 16 11:54:15 MDT 2003

(Previously I have noted some of the reactionary implications of the "war
against terrorism" concept, for example the stifling of political debate,
the violation of basic jurisprudential principles normally considered part
of a democratic society, and an enormous increase in world military
expenditure - another implication is of course that stifling political
debate might take the form of calling your political opponent a "terrorist"
and then ASSASSINATING him. Of course, the CIA and other intelligence
agencies have been involved in numerous political assassinations in the
past, but the trend now becomes that political assassinations become a
publicly defensible tactic. A "war against terror" is of course a newspeak
monstrosity, because war itself is a form of terror; thus a "war against
terror" at most is a justification of the use of terror by one's own
political friends against the perceived or real terror of others. In the
article below, you can see the completion of the tragic dialectic of Zionism
as a "false messiah" - originally an ideological justification for an
ostensibly "pragmatic" solution to the horrors of Nazi persecution, it now
turns into its very opposite, such that that Zionists become Nazis
themselves in practice, in an unambiguous and unmistakable way. Whereas
Colonel Jibril al-Rajub proposed a ceasefire last Tuesday, Olmert and
Dichter now openly consider assassinating Arafat as a "policy option". There
have been plans and plots to assassinate Arafat previously, but this must be
the first time a premier openly talks about this as an official government
policy option. -  JB).

Israel: Killing Arafat an option

Sunday 14 September 2003, 16:53 Makka Time, 13:53 GMT

Israel's Vice Premier Ehud Olmert has said assassinating Palestinian
President Yasir Arafat is an option in the Jewish state's threat to "remove"
him. "Killing (him) is definitely one of the options," Olmert, a member of
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud party, told Israeli radio on
Sunday. Arafat is one of the "heads of terror", claimed Olmert, who also
serves as minister of industry and trade.

Olmert said another option would be to treat Arafat like "a prisoner in a
dungeon". "He'd receive his food ration twice a day but would not be able to
meet with anyone, convene news conferences, give interviews or speak on a
cell phone or telephone."

Israeli media reports also say that Avi Dichter, chief of the Shin Bet
Domestic security service, favours killing Arafat rather than expelling him.
Ditcher believes Arafat's death would have a short-term effect, triggering
protests that would last only several weeks, while exile would return him to
the world stage and win him sympathy.

However, US Secretary of State Colin Powell rejected suggestions that it was
an "option" to kill Arafat. "The United States does not support either the
elimination of him or the exile of Mr. Arafat ... the Israeli government
knows that," Powell said in an interview on Sunday from Baghdad with a
US-based television station. "I think you can anticipate that there would be
rage throughout the Arab world, the Muslim world and in many other parts of
the world," he said.

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