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TKP BULLETIN No: 38 - September 15th, 2003

You Cannot Escape Communism
TKP marks its 83rd anniversary
TKP Spreads in Istanbul
Obstuctive Acts Against TKP

You Cannot Escape Communism

"You cannot escape communism, because communism will save
There is use in telling them this.  It should be accepted
that they are giving their best to rid themselves of
We are leaving aside their efforts to disable Marx and
Engels ever since they wrote: "A specter is haunting Europe
the specter of communism."

We do not forget their vile massacre of the Paris workers
that stated in 1871 that "here now the Commune's word is
rule," and we remind them as well. You have never been able
to escape the historical meaning of the Paris Commune, and
you can never do.

Because there it was shown that mankind is not condemned to
exploitation, that it will not be condemned. The Communists
continue to live; the French exploiters who had them shot
by a firing squad in front of a wall cannot state: "How
well we have done to be one with the German occupiers and
to kill the workers who demanded equality and freedom."

Every year thousands of people commemorate Rosa Luxemburg
and Karl Liebknecht. Their executioners are the social
democrats who were preparing to save German capital from
the swamp it was in during 1919. They never speak about
this topic. They only try to paint an image of Rosa being a
"woman seeking her freedom" in order to detach her memory
from the communist tradition. These insolent people just do
not understand that Rosa is a free woman struggling for the
equality of all humanity.

Are they not trying to do the same to Che? They had death
squads pursue him. They riddled his body with holes, and
then hurriedly buried him. Those who killed him were
confused from their shame and fear, and a section of those
paid for what they did. Che, on the other hand, continues
to live with the honor of being a good communist. The
bourgeoisie are not able to gloat by saying: "we have
eradicated another bandit, we have saved the civilized
world", but rather try to make Che a brand by this way they
try to both gain money and blacken his name.

However, it is too late; you cannot escape from Che or
communism in this manner either.

Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, PinochetThese are the top layers
of the anticommunist cadres of the capitalist class, and
distinguished murderers. They do not even know where to put
the latter who still lives. The Chilean bosses and American
imperialists who owe him a lot just wish that he dies as
soon as possible and that they relax. But the truth of the
matter is that they sold out on all of them at once. The
counter-revolutionary movement led by these scum played a
great role in stopping, albeit temporarily, the walk for
equality and freedom of communism. They do not even want to
remember this.

Perhaps they do, but they have no courage!

Yes, fascism, which in its essence is a sharp
anticommunism, was of great service to world capital. And
they do not say a thing concerning the punishing of two of
the most distinguished anticommunists by communists, and
the belittling of the other two by history!

Here lies our difference. They are wrong, we are right. We
never act hesitantly in guarding our own values.

Not one honorable communist has ever thought of casting
aside Lenin in spite of all the slander and lies on his
name. Those attempting to have people "forget" Stalin, who
has been subjected to unprecedented campaigns of
name-blackening, can only be cowards and betrayers.

Yet the capitalist class organizes "ceremonies of
confessions" daily, and tries to discard a part of their
values immediately while spending incredible amounts of
money to clear the others. However, they just cannot pull
it off.

An example from us Cevik Bir is a very special pro-American
military officer and a very special counterrevolutionary
organizer. Meral Aksener has additional qualities but it
should not be doubted that this individual is on the same
path as Bir on the counterrevolutionary and pro-American
road. What then, do they do? They try to crucify one
another. Both have had great services to the bourgeoisie.
However no one says a word to the belittlement of these
"valuable" cadres

To reiterate: You cannot escape communism. We are 150 years
old in the world, and 83 in Turkey. In the time passed our
judgment has been excessively proved to be correct. You
cannot escape communism, because it will save humanity!

Kemal Okuyan
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey
(appeared in Communist, weekly of TKP no:132)

TKP marks its 83rd anniversary

On the 10th September 2003, the TKP celebrated its 83rd
birthday. The celebration was not held in an atmosphere of
commemoration of the history of the struggle and the past,
but rather done in a mood that looked forward into the
future by honoring its own past.

The celebrations were held in every city organization at
the same time. And TKP found it appropriate to put the new
party program to the vote on this meaningful day. The new
party program was the result of the annual party

The party conference was preceded by all members of the TKP
and the new program was discussed in all units of the party
all throughout the summer. Renewing the party program aimed
to make the program a more efficient one for the changed
circumstances of the struggle and for the propaganda of

In the celebrations the new party program was accepted by
all members and dedicated as the program of the revolution
era. Through the motivation attained by this moment, the
celebrations of the oldest, most rooted and, according to
its members, youngest party of Turkey, the TKP's 83rd
anniversary ended with cheerful songs and marches of its

TKP Spreads in Istanbul

On the 7th September, a new organization of the party was
opened in Gaziosmanpasa, remarkably one of the most
important districts in Istanbul where the working class and
impoverished masses dwell. In the opening activity, high
participation of the neighbourhood and the workers from
factories around was observed.

The enlargement of TKP will continue; horizontally, adding
more district organizations to its power as well as
vertically, organizing the working class as a major actor
in politics.

Obstuctive Acts Against TKP

In Eskisehir(*), some TKP members were arrested while they
were posting the posters "How would you like seeing Iraqi
soldiers in Ankara?", under the pretext of "causing
pollution". After being detained for hours, TKP members
were set free but will be tried in a future date.

The Communist Party of Turkey denounces all the
undertakings to stop the growing anti-imperialist
conscience, reminding once again that in criticial
situations just like this one in Iraq and Middle East, one
is either with peoples or with the imperialism and that the
approval of the invasion means sharing the responsibility
of the murders in Iraq.

* A rather big city in Central Anatolia known for the high
student propoportion in its population because of two big
universities involved and a fairly important industrial

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