No UN cover: US troops out of Iraq! - Green Left Weekly #554 September 17, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
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Issue #554 September 17, 2003

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Featured this week: No UN cover: US troops out of Iraq!
The US administration is in a panic as its political, military and
economic house of cards in Iraq is beginning to collapse card by card.
The Bush administration is now turning to the United Nations in the hope
that the world organisation will save its political hide from a
developing disaster in Iraq. The UN may have a role to play in Iraq -
but not as a partner of the Bush administration's brutal and illegal

IRAQ: No UN cover - US troops out now!

Workplace safety: workers die, bosses profit

UNITED STATES: Why Washington fears the International Criminal Court
BRITAIN: `There's a mass feeling against the war'
BRITAIN: TUC calls for troops out of Iraq!
IRAQ: Bush seeks to put UN `face' on US oil grab
WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION: Rich countries ignore Third World's concerns
HONG KONG: 'Anti-subversion' law shelved
PALESTINE: The rise and fall of Mahmoud Abbas
ACEH: Jakarta's war to be extended
UNITED STATES: Camejo popularises break with two-party system
UNITED STATES: Democrats forced to `backflip' on undocumented workers
IRAQ: Epic suffering is made invisible
VENEZUELA: Help the Bolivarian revolution be heard
VENEZUELA: `Bolivarianism is an inclusive democracy'
VENEZUELA: Chavez continues `offensive' against imperialism

A woman's place is in the struggle: In defence of no-fault divorce
Irati Wanti - `The poison, leave it'
Teachers stop work
US multinational lobbying has Gallop going Gorgon
Teacher shortages - a looming crisis
Craigmore teachers need defending
EDITORIAL: Bush's war can be defeated

Protests planned for Bush visit
Canberra Bush protests planned
Get involved in protesting Bush!
AIRC rules on ACI Box Hill EBA
Protest Bush's visit, occupation of Iraq
Anti-war activists prepare for October 25
Construction workers strike over industry deaths
Venezuelan student tour inspires activists
Protesters say no to WTO
Youth teach Ruddock a lesson
LHMWU rally for smoke-free workplaces
Reclaim the Streets protest

`Guernica': a universal symbol against war
Imperialism, El Nino and the Third World
DJ rejects `corporate overload'
On the box

Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
Loose cannons

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