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Wed Sep 17 11:41:25 MDT 2003

While doing a cleanup of my old mails, I discovered something I wrote
for these lists on December 8, 2001. That is, 11 days before the
upheaval which brought down both Cavallo and De La Rúa. And which
triggered a series of events which are shaking the neoliberals the
world over.

On that mail, I wrote:

> whatever the future brings to us (and I am
> not confident that the majority but still inchoate popular forces can
> force a relatively mildly civilized outcome) the ultimate folly
> represented by the currency board scheme (which by the way was the
> coronation of the system imposed in 1976) will not return. This may prove
> a most important asset, if we can move to bring people out to the streets
> here.

Two and a half years later, the "mildly civilized outcome" is
beginning to take shape with Kirchner and Duhalde, which reveals that
my lack of confidence in "the majority but still inchoate popular
forces" was not ungrounded at all.

Ten days after those lines were written, we  were able "move to bring
people out to the streets", and with what results! Of course, people
moved out to the streets by themselves, but I am convinced that in
the same manner that I suggested the group of people in my own
neighborhood to march on Plaza de Mayo, there must have been hundreds
and thousands of common people who were fed up with the currency
board and its consequences, who pushed things ahead and derided the
reluctant ones: that is the "we" I am talking about.

After the mobilisations, I would have rather had another, more
caustic and thoroughgoing, outcome, an alternative where the first
and basic issue would not be "social stability" but hunger and
joblessness, and that is why I oppossed Kirchner or Duhalde. But I am
still astonished at the accuracy of my predictions. Not something
that happens often.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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