Camejo in today's debate

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Wed Sep 17 19:33:16 MDT 2003

I saw part (only about half an hour) of today's debate in California.

In the part I saw, Camejo roundly denounced both the Democrats and
Republicans for supporting the war in Iraq, using the war to drive home
the point on the need for independent political action.

He also denied *categorically* that he would endorse any democrat or
republican. I missed the question, but it appears to have been based on
the San Francisco Chronicle article that's been referred to in various
online lists and was headlined, "Recall hopefuls lean left in minority
forum -- Camejo nearly endorses Bustamante, but Huffington attacks on
several fronts," and is available here:

I do not know if the quotes from Peter in the article are accurate but I
heard him say similar sentences in an earlier debate, and today he said
similar things.

But what I heard had an entirely different point -- that it is
undermocratic to not have proportional representation and runoffs. This
is the standard Green response to charges that the are acting as
"spoilers," not at all an endorsement of Bustamante.


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