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Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at
Thu Sep 18 12:08:59 MDT 2003

Over the years many young people who have been
disillusioned with the present state of the Left have
found a beacon of light in Marxmail, a list that
aggressively promotes the free discussion of ideas and
differences with the goal of creating a new political
atmosphere for the revolutionary left. Through the
list many of us youth have been able to come in
contact with each other and realize that we've gone
through similar experiences with the Left, derived
similar lessons from this, and now share common
aspirations and ideas concerning what needs to be

The spirit in which marxmail operates embodies many of
the features we believe a new left needs: an approach
to politics that eschews dogma and cut-throat
sectarianism, viewing socialists of ALL types as
comrades rather than "opponents"; the reflection of
this in a discussion arena where contrary views are
respected and permitted to exist side-by-side; a
critical and dynamic edge to analysis and debate which
seeks to get to the practical root of the problem; and
a general space for leftists to meet one another, form
new bonds of solidarity and friendship, and draw fuel
for the struggles now and ahead.

We all know that there is a vacuum on the Left in
terms of a radical youth movement. Ineffective youth
groups tied to sectarian organizations abound, as do
many groups that deal only with single issues or have
harmful illusions about how to change our society (via
reform, lobbying, etc). What doesn't exist is what is
gravely needed: a new group of young activists, fresh
and dynamic, that share a revolutionary perspective
but that understand the need to shun the sectarianism
that has plagued the Left; a new group of youth that
eagerly seeks to confront our reality-- which carries
with it many problems and questions that desperately
need to be addressed-- with a critical, radical, and
fiery edge; a new group of youth that seeks to hook up
with waves of other like-minded youth who are
disgusted with capitalism, and with this, to create a
new environment where our differences are tolerated,
freely discussed, and where a new atmosphere of
friendship and comradeship can be formed.

Therefore, I would like to announce that some of the
marxmail youth-- Mohammad Junaid Alam, Adam
Levenstein, myself, among numerous other young
socialists around the nation who are not on marxmail--
are initiating a new online journal with an
accompanying discussion list.

The vision we have is of a journal that features fresh
analysis by young radicals that deals with the
pressing problems of our world and our movement in an
innovative way. It will carry critical analysis of
world events and history; cultural pieces and reviews;
dispatches from youth all around the country
describing the struggles they are involved in. We
envision it as an all-sided journal that will attract
the best of our generation who have a hunger for a new
type of leftist formation, along the lines described

In connection with this will be a discussion list,
marxmail-style. This will be the space in which all
our young writers, readers, supporters, and curious
onlookers can discuss the burning issues of our day,
the problems we face and what we ought to do, and our
differences of opinion on all these things. Further,
it will be a place where all the isolated radical
youth scattered around the country can get to know
each other, form friendships, draw sustenance from
each other.

All in all, we hope the journal-list serve will serve
as a gathering point for radical youth of all types.
So far we have a diverse group of intelligent and
dedicated youth from many states, cities, and
universities throughout the country. Further, we have
many older supporters who are helping us on the way
and encouraging us wholeheartedly.

The initial discussions are still going on and won't
be finished for a few weeks. Many of the concrete
issues are still unresolved. We will be sure to send
posts to this list with all important developments. We
hope to have the journal and discussion list up within
3-4 weeks.

To get a better idea of the details involved I urge
you to read some of the correspondence between
Mohammad Junaid Alam and myself, started about a month
and a half ago. Mohammad posted them up here:

If you are a youth who has not yet heard about this
and wishes to be involved, please contact me at
derekseidman at We would also appreciate any
posts that folks could make with any helpful advice.
I'm sure there will be a lot of question concerning
the format of the journal and list, method of
functioning, etc. We will not be able to answer all of
these yet since we are in the process of answering
them for ourselves.

This is just the beginning. We will see how it
develops. In the best of outcomes this could lead to
many desirable things: a national youth conference
next summer; the formation of a new national youth
group; a big impetus for broader regroupment on the
American Left. The possibilities are great. The time
to seize them is now. We do so with vigor, passion,
dedication, and the hope of creating something that
could help boost the Left out of the difficult state
it finds itself in.

In solidarity,
Derek Seidman

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