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>Cash was a man of contradictions.  That sort of flagwaving patriotism was
certainly a part of what was he was about, as was the evangelical Christianity
and the left populism. Not exactly a formula for a coherent political
philosophy but nevertheless did lead to some great music.
Jim F. <


I enjoyed basically all of Johnny Cash music because it sounds good to me and
strike an emotional cord. I liked his face because in a strange way it
displayed a suffering born of longing for a better world. I liked the way he dressed
and just thinking about the man in black - a man of mystery, makes me smile.
There was something always earthy about the man that longed for a better way
of living.

I loved the Motown sound and at least half of this music is about love songs
- nothing particularly radical about that. But then again, I like Doris Day
and the "Pajama Game," - "Steam Heat," Santana, My Fair Lady, Theme from Walk on
the Wild Side, selected Rap music, Stevie Wonders everything, including
"Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants," Miles, Monk, Coltrain, Steely Dan,
America, the Philly Sound, Chicago, Tower of Power, Blues and anything that
sounds good.

The "man in black" was an enigma - that is why he was the man in black. One
thing for sure, the "comfortable numbness of the bourgeoisie" was neither in
his music or on his face. But then again, I enjoy the Al Joson Story - "Waiting
on the Robert E. Lee" just cracks me up.

"The folks up North
Won't see me no more
When I reach that swany shore."

Something about the way he sings this that makes me smile all over. (Yes, I
enjoy "Mammie.")

Melvin P.

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