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# Subject: Rosenstraße, or How Fascism Starts to Crumble
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  A correction on the dates: 

  The arrests took place on February 27, 1943, those arrested were
not only brought to the former Jewish Welfare Institution in
Rosenstraße, but also to four other places. 

  The first ones were released on 5th or 6th of March. BTW, 25 men,
who were brought from Rose Street to Auschwitz, were taken out from
there again, not freed, but transferred to another camp which was not
a death camp. 

  The victory at Stalingrad was consummated 4 weeks before, on
February 2, 1943, when the last German units gave up. 

   This event is brought into the film by the figure of Lena
Fischer's brother Arthur von Eschenbach, who just returned from
Russia, where he was flown out before the Stalingrad pocket was
closed; he had lost a leg. Arthur explains that this event shows that
the war is lost for Germany. 

   For those understanding some German, there is the "official"
website on the film, 
   In english there is this book: 

  Nathan Stoltzfus
  Resistance of the heart, W.W.Norton & Compnay.
  New York, London, 1996

  It should be noted that the "official" bourgeois historiography in
Germany plays down this protest as insignificant -- they only want to
promote those aristocrats, who tried to prevent the defeat and
destruction of their imperialist state, by killing Hitler with a bomb
on July 20, 1944; and, of course, the "liberation" by the new master
of the world on the other side of the Atlantic. There is even one who
claimed that the Nazis had not at all intended to deport to the death
camps those rounded up on February 27, 1943, but only to recruit some
replacements for other "full" Jews who were deported and killed. The
release of the men from Rose Street, so this "historian", was not the
result of pressure from the street, but was planned beforehand. What
a whitewash nonsense... 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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