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Fri Sep 19 10:25:23 MDT 2003

>Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 06:42:10 -0600
>From: "Hunter Gray" <hunterbadbear at>
>Subject: Hunter Gray is seriously ill.
>Sent via Eldri Gray -
>My father, Hunter Gray (Hunterbear/John Salter), is seriously ill here in
>  He has a mysterious blood disease. This has gone on since early July.  He
>was in no rush to go to a doctor.  There have been many tests and many more
>are scheduled.  With the exception of a several days hospital stay he has
>been able to handle rationally all his intellectual and some local activist
>activities.  None of the blood cancers have been mentioned.
>He cannot hike at this point. His appetite was gone for close to a month,
>and has now returned.
>His energy level is slowly climbing.

And it will continue.
I know only a small portion of the huge amount of people I speak for when I
wish Hunter and his family the best, and mention the respect he has earned
his whole life, being a true leader in his deeds and words.

All best,
Macdonald Stainsby.
In the contradiction lies the hope. -Brecht.

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