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From:           	Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at qut.edu.au>

> With the passing of the Cold War politics was no longer in command and we
> had a move to neo-liberal economics where the penetration of the global
> economy was speeded up. As a result of such pressure the dictatorships fell
> and compliant neo-liberal democracies emerged.
> So far this sketch would seem to me to fit perfectly over Indonesia &
> Argentina and possibly Serbia. However what of Israel? I believe Phil has
> written something to the effect that the influence of the Sharon Government
> would decline after the fall of Saddam. Edward Said by contrast has argued
> for the continued strength of the 'pro-Zionist/Israeli' lobby in
> Washington. Does politics remain in command here?
> Perhaps, but what I think is still in play in the Middle East, is the
> American dream of a series of upheavals which will place in power a number
> of neo-liberal "democracies" that will allow for the free play of American
> capital throughout the region. It was to precipitate this process that we
> had the deed of the Iraq war. I have chosen the word deed deliberately to
> achieve something like the effect of Anarchist Terror from Above. (My
> apologies to Anarchists & Terrorists of course for comparing them to the
> likes of Wolfowitz & Co.)
> I think that the deed-like nature of what the USA was attempting helps
> explain why they ignored all the warnings from the Arab regimes.  From
> Mubarak to Abdullah there was a squeal of sheer fear about the folly of
> invading Iraq. But they were ignored because they were the target themselves.

 I also believe that there are other Arab leaders sleighted for
"regime change"  by the AMerican imperialists. I however doubt
whether Murbarak and Adbdullah are amongst this list or that, even
if they were, they would be removed for the reasons you provided.
To begin with, Mubarrak's Egypt is a hotbed for neo-liberal reforms.
It provides the added security of being very authoritarian, lacking
any official opposition or 'democractic' avenue for opposition groups
to challenge government policies. Egypt's ruling class -- aside from
the official rhethoric -- has also been on relatively good terms with
America's "greatest ally in the region", Israel for about two

It is also unclear to me why you think Hussein's Iraq was a barrier
to  neo-liberal reforms. He did not self -impose the decades long
trade embargo on Iraq, the Americans and UN did. He also did not
ask to become America's sworn enemy. Hussein was duped into
invading Iran, after being given the green light by the then U.S.

> So far how is the American plan doing?  Well, to me and the people on this
> list, it looks like an absolute disaster.  But Rumsfeld & his team keep
> pointing to the removal of Saddam as the key achievement.  Interestingly
> Howard also took this line in the Australian Parliament recently.
> What I think they are saying here is that their achievement in getting rid
> of the old dictatorship means that there is no going back to the econmics
> of the Saddam days. The oil will be privatised and Iraq will become a
> neo-liberal democracy. It is here, I think, that possibly one can find some
> way to understand the threat to Arafat. He has become the next on the list
> of the old leaders to be removed.  His "removal" would be relatively easy
> to achieve, it would seem.  Like all the old leaders he was corrupt and
> unpopular.
> The Sharon Government was as always eager to do the deed. Sharon, himself,
> has morphed from someone whose life role was to do the dirty work of
> Zionism into someone who now does the dirty work of American
> Imperialism.

 How do you feel Sharon/Israel does the bidding of the U.S.?

It seems to me that it would cost a lot less to simply dispose of
Israel, which recieves billions in subsidies each year -- the most of
any government that the U.S. provides support to -- , and search
out a new ally in the area that would cost a lot less to prop up and
would much fewer enemies?


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