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During an intense point in World War 2, a German submarine sank an American
PT boat, drowning virtually all of the crew. From the fiery wreckage, two
soldiers emerged from beneath the surface of the icy waters. One of the soldiers
was not a very good swimmer and the last sighting of land was at least one
hundred miles away. Sensing the gravity of his circumstance, this young man began
intense praying for help from God. Threading water and being carried by the
force of the ocean, this soldier prayed for God to deliver him from certain death
and in a semiconscious state of mind had a vision that a giant turtle would
carry him safely to land. After what seemed a life, the young man felt himself
being lifted above the surface of the water. Stunned, he looked down only to
discover that he was on the back of a giant turtle.

The other soldier - actually an officer and excellent swimmer, had emerged
from the surface of the water and began collecting pieces of clothing and any
small material he could gather. The officer thought he had saw the young solider
sink beneath the surface of the water for the last time, only to resurface
and be carried away by a wind. After several weeks a friendly ship discovered
the officer floating on a makeshift raft. During debriefing the officer was
asked how he survived in a reasonably good state of mind and he explained his
story in detail. Every few minutes the officer would say, "I had to survive."

Several years later the officer and the young soldier had a chance meeting in
the nations capitol. The young solider had become a Priest and the countries
leading person on the power of pray. The Officer headed the "Department on the
Science of Survival" and was consider the most authoritative person in the
country on survival technique. The two men embraced recounted their terrible
ordeal and parted as friends. One a Priest and the other an Officer specializing
in science of survival.

Truth is of course "truer" than facts. Neither solider could be convinced of
anything that ran counter to their experience and survival methods.

The initial article of comrade/brother CB on margarine and butter and the
difference contains truth and facts. Margarine is an invention of the alchemist
of the era of the bourgeoisie and denied to the producers of butter - which
became an export for money/capital, that which they help to create. We are at
another level of the abstraction and imitation. Today we have "Spread" which is
imitation margarine.

Americans are increasing fat people. Fat is fundamentally feces accumulation
or a form of "entropy" that hides the law of self-movement.  In the world of
politics fat is gluttony and bribery and its sociological implications
generally point to imperial relations. Gluttony is a sin - a manifestation of evil.

During the period of my fasting and purging of the body and mind several -
not an exaggeration, preachers or Ministers would come to my home and look in my
eyes. The reason for their visit was because I had become part-time salesmen
for the herbs I was taking as well as the largest distributor in Michigan of
the writings of Professor Arnold Ehret. In return I would look in their eyes.

Generally most of these Minister's would lecture me on the New Testament of
the Bible and in turn I would use the logic of the Old Testament and the Book
of Enoch - three versions, to make what every the relevant point was. There
were times when Macebee 4 would suit the purpose or other obscure writings, which
would be fetched from the library. In most instances the validity of my point
was in my eyes and body. Truth is truer than facts and the truth is always
fairly close to be witnessed by those with eyes to see.

What the peoples of America and indeed the whole world face is great evil.
Evil is not an intellectual construct, although evil has long ago constructed
its intellectual framework. For myself the degeneracy of the bourgeoisie is not
a simple dry formula about value - the extraction of surplus value from the
labor of workers, but a testimony to the human condition. Marx provides a common
framework of theory allowing all of us to be on "the same page." It also
provides a logic basis and material approach to understand society as society.

The point is that we are what we eat in the last instance. In America we eat
small countries and millions of peoples. Some choose to take the alchemist
potions seeking relief and some seek a revolutionary way out of the crisis. Good
versus evil merely recast itself during epochal change.

Melvin P.

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