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>from the recent perspective of having witnessed two American deaths  caused
by obesity...  here's to fasting!  And again your thoughts are succinct and on
the mark.<


Fasting can be very dangerous, resulting in death, if one approaches it the
wrong way. One has to work towards fasting little by little allowing the body
organism to rid itself of feces. Simply withdrawing from eating without
knowledge of the body, releases too many toxins into the blood stream faster than the
body can eliminate. This can cause death that appears as if a person has
starved to the naked eye. Process logic is involved.

Actually, 90% of all deaths in America are related to eating. The subject is
the source of intense debate and ideology squabbles spanning thousands of
years. Basically, all of our diseases - no matter what Medical name is given to
it, are the result of constipation - the clogging up of arteries or other
passages in the body with something.

One can even view the crisis of overproduction - on every level and every
symptom, as a form of systemic constipation - the clogging up of arteries or
other passages in the market and economy. The over production of capital - excess
capital unable to be invested in the productive process, presupposes
"something" exists that prevents "profitable" investment in production. How one
describes a process depends upon their conclusion and the conclusion is governed by a
different series of process, that is shaped by history, ideology, class, ones
interpretation of experience and so on. Process logic - what Marxists call
materialist dialectics, is meant to describe a living process.

Electronic production, increasingly driven by computers and digitalized
processes, is labor replacing technology. The direction of the process is that
virtually all of the function of the worker can be recorded, stored outside of the
worker, and replicated in the machinery of production. These functions can be
played back over and over by self-activating machinery, in the absence of the

Production with increasingly less labor is production without surplus value
or increasing less surplus value; it is also production without wages or
increasingly less wages and hence, production with no means of purchasing
use-values. The inability to purchase use-values means that profit cannot be realized
because commodities have to be sold and the profit returned to the capitalist.

No one disputes this general direction. Conclusions in the form of ideology
become the dispute. Without question economic activity and market relations are
more complex to the eye. One cannot see a process with the eye. What is
witnessed is the movement of something. On the job when teaching a person about
industrial machinery and repairs I would tell them "all industrial machinery runs
in the same direction, and behaves the same way no matter how it looks.  Each
machine is different by definition including the same machines."

The point is that the "logic" or law system of a thing is peculiar and
specific but the process logic governing movement is the same because it is an
abstraction. That is, one senses the same abstraction as process, or the other way

Capitalism or the bourgeois property relations is in trouble and has reached
its historical limit because electronics in its current form undermines the
basic foundation of the system by dissolving the corner stone of the system -
the exploitation of human labor. How the implementation of this new technology
takes place is not the abstract process, by definition.

Capital has placed a section of human on a forced fast. What blocks the
"world artery" - in terms of all of society and its well-being, is the bourgeois
property relation. The problem is not currency or trade - symptoms, but the
property relations. Countless other problems exist but one must know what it is
that pose the death threat to societal body at this specific juncture.

Melvin P.

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