SWP candidate for Cal.: no activist

John M Cox coxj at email.unc.edu
Sat Sep 20 09:16:10 MDT 2003

I hate to appear sectarian or nit-picky, but I noticed that the SWP
candidate in California, Joel Britton, was described as a 'long-time
political and union activist,' which is perhaps how he is presented by his
campaign. I knew Joel and worked with him in the SWP leadership, and he
really is neither a political nor a union activist; perhaps he was a
political activist 25-30 years ago, but for at least the last couple
decades he has been a more-or-less full-time party functionary, while
holding down jobs in oil plants, in which he did literally no political
work whatsoever, not even selling the party newspaper (I know this for a
fact, from party members who worked with him). In the last couple years, I
believe he must have been briefly employed in meat-packing, for he is now,
according to the Militant, a "retired meatpacker." Despite his lack of
enthusiasm for carrying out any sort of political work on the job--either
union-building or party-building work--he is invariably
designated the SWP's 'trade-union leader,' which says alot about the SWP
and it's 'turn to industry,' as well as about the level of fakery in the
party leadership.

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