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    When the margarine first came to Denmark it was also as a result
    of the industrialisation, but it was not until around 1900, after
    a lot of costly experiments trying to fulfil the costumers’
    demands, that the new product was truly accepted by the Danes. And
    throughout the century more changes were to come, concerning the
    taste and healthiness of the margarine.


Remarkable information. I never remember what I forget until someone
remembers it. Margarine is a product of the era of the bourgeoisie and
acquires its significance for exchange in relationship to consumption
by the ruing class. It of course has been the ruling class that has
driven the trade in spices and luxuries leading to the epoch of the
commodity form as dominator in society.

Margarine is the product of the men of science welding the alchemist
equation - the anti-life sciences. My is margarine tasty? Who said it
was tasty in the first place? Who eats butter in history and why?

Who says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Why is not
variation in the eye of the beholder and beauty an inherent attribute
of human evolution based on the law that governs "beholding?"  What
law system governs "beholding?"

The bourgeoisie is tricky. This is why it is correct to speak of
classes and general political equations, as a basis for unity.

Great information . . . let them eat . . . margarine! 

Melvin P. 

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