US Bases in Iraq?

Paul Flewers at
Sun Sep 21 05:42:28 MDT 2003

I recall that the US government was going to build four very big US military
bases in post-Ba'ath Iraq. This confirmed me in my opinion that the US
government was hoping to establish Iraq as the centre for its Middle East
operations, replacing fragile and unstable Saudi Arabia and augmenting its
bases in the Gulf, and basically exerting its control over a country which
is not only oil-rich but is strategically handy, linking Nato Turkey with
the Gulf, bordering Iran and Syria, and close to Israel. This talk about the
four new bases seems to have gone very quiet. Does anyone know if the USA is
quietly going ahead with its plans for these bases, or is the general
instability and disgruntlement with the US occupation preventing the plans
from going ahead, with the White House being too embarrassed to comment?

Paul F

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