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> Subject: Bring them home!!!
> "These are citizen soldiers with businesses and jobs being treated as
> regular career soldiers and officers and forced to stay in Iraq," she said.
> The families' anger has reverberated nationwide as hostilities in Iraq
> continue with no firm return date for nearly 27,000 Guard and reserve
> members stationed in the Persian Gulf region. [...] Their husbands' unit
> was activated in January but didn't reach Iraq until May. Now it expects to
> remain there until next May because the Army announced this month that
> soldiers currently in Iraq and Kuwait would be there for as long as one year.

On NPR the other night they had a series of programs on the war. On one
of them a commentator mentioned that one-third of the US Army is either
in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He observed that, accounting for troop
rotations, that mean that the entire US Army is either in Iraq or
Afghanistan, adjusting from having been ther, or preparing to go.

So much for a quiet, quick, little war.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

- Juan

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